Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day

They trekked up the street, turning the corner and walking down Willow Brook Lane. The street was a tunnel of lights, illuminated in whites, reds, and blues. “Check out this house.” Jake pulled her down the street. The massive volts of electricity made her eyes ache. A large, grinning snowman dominated the front lawn with a trail of lit-up reindeer. The entire house was outlined in white lights that pulsated through the darkness.
“That’s one heck of an electrical bill.” Sara stood in front of the house in awe, wondering how long it took to assemble all of those decorations.
There were six large candy canes anchored into the edges of the lawn, the red and white lights blinking to a musical rhythm that couldn’t be heard.
“Some people really get into it.” Jake grabbed her hand, steering her back into the street. It was quiet except for the crunching of their soles on the asphalt. Sara decided to take the plunge with her mother’s dinner invitation. The setting seemed to be right, with the meaning of Christmas reflecting all around them. They approached a small brick house that had covered a massive pine tree with white lights and red bows.
“Now that looks classy.” Jake’s head tipped back, gazing up at the tree.
“It does.” Sara turned to face him. “Um, Jake?” She watched her breath as it seeped out of her mouth in steamy ribbons.
“What’s up?” He pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her waist, rubbing her nose with his.
“My mother invited you over for dinner,” Sara said, treading lightly.
“Oh, she did, did she?” His smile lit up his shadowed face.
“I’m sorry, please don’t think that...”
“Sara, what’s with the apology? I’ll come for dinner. After all, we 
did spend Thanksgiving together. I know what she’s thinking.” He laughed.
“I just thought that you may think it’s too soon, you know?”
 “Too soon for what?” He squinted at her, his brows knitted in confusion.
“Oh, I don’t know.” Sara turned away, soaking up the visual comfort of the tree.
Jake’s gloved finger steered her face back to his. “You shouldn’t worry so much.”
“I just thought it might freak you out. Some guys get uptight about that sort of stuff.” She nudged him, trying to lighten the mood, thinking she may have offended him.
“First of all, I’m not some guys. And secondly, I’m not an uptight guy.” He kissed her gently, his lips bathing hers like a warm breeze.
“So I’ve learned.” She snickered. “It’s just that my mother’s a bit strange.” Sara stared up at the glittering sky then looked back at him.
“I can deal with your mother.” Jake’s finger traced her lips. “Let me handle your mother.”
“Should I give you the rundown?”
Jake shook his head, directing her back to the route of their walk. 

“I don’t need the rundown. I’m an adaptable guy. I can deal.”

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