Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is a Puzzle

Love is a puzzle
In its togetherness, it's tight
A perfect fit
It's joy
It's unification 
Spirits soaring
A weightless world
As Jesus walked on water
We walk on air
When the pieces are yanked apart
Pain reigns 
Hearts bleed
Nights are dark
Endless visions flash behind our lids
Some sweet
Some bitter
Decadence can dissolve 
Coating the tongue
A taste of desire
Perhaps a flavor gone sour
Fresh petals wither
But words hold power
Some sincere
Some a mirage
If love is lost
Look within
Self love prevails
An inner sphere no can destroy
Reach deep
Water it 
Feed it to others
What's given outward unconditionally
Always returns
Sow the seed
Your worthy gardener awaits
What one turns away from
Another will gladly face 
Whether you're alone or joined
We are love
I am love
No one has the authority to ever tell you otherwise
Happy Valentines Day ❤️🌹
* JC Szot