Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day

“Our neighbor’s into the hooch,” Noah announced over dinner. Ben almost choked on his food.
“Say that again?” Ben wiped his mouth.
“Liz, next door.” Noah smiled. It was a smile that was always laced with reservation, but at least the guy was smiling. Ben could count on one hand how often he’d seen Noah really smile, cracking a wide grin. “She smokes pot,” Noah said, his green eyes burning with mischief.
“She does?” Ben quickly closed his mouth after realizing he’d been in the middle of chewing.
“I know.” Noah laughed. “You’d never think.”
“And how did you discover this?”
“She treated me to a glass of iced tea after I helped her move a 
few bags of mulch. I saw a rather large roach stuck into the soil of one of her plants.”
“Wow.” Ben sat back.
“I kind of feel sorry for her.” Noah’s tone fell.
“Yeah, I do, too. Why don’t you go over there tomorrow and ask 
her if there’s anything else you can help her with?” Ben smiled.
It was amazing how quickly Ben could get Noah to shut down, though he didn’t do this purposely. It was really beginning to worry him. Something had to give. He and Liz would probably be a good match. They were both a bit withdrawn and had dealt with their share of pain. Ben was still trying to emotionally heal Noah. It’d been seven years since he’d rescued Noah from Pine Acres. The curves of life could change a person, but did it have to suck the life out of you? 

“Nah. If she asks I’ll help, but that’s it,” Noah said, rising from the table. The clinking of glassware resounded through the kitchen. Ben’s suggestion was dying fast. Ben spun in his chair, taking the bull’s horns with more force tonight.
“Why? Why won’t you, like, take a chance and talk with her, see where it takes you?” Ben felt his frustration mounting yet again.
“Ben, don’t,” Noah warned, seething. “Plus, I thought you might be interested.”
“I just want to know why? And the latter is an excuse.” Ben stood and moved to the counter, needing to read Noah’s face. Noah stared into the sink, washing the silverware with extra care. He did have an eye for detail. Noah threw the sponge in the sink.
“Because I wouldn’t know what to say or do,” Noah answered, now angry. His eyes flashed. Noah’s jaw twitched, his chest rising faster with agitated breaths.
“Who says you have to do anything? Just talk. And by the way, you’re not a goddamn virgin,” Ben huffed.
Noah’s eyes narrowed. “It’s not that easy, Ben. There’s only so much I can cover. Once she finds out about my dirty secret, then she’ll probably lock herself in that shed and refuse to come out until we let her buy the fucking property back.” Noah threw the dishtowel down and stormed out.

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