Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day
“You’re sure this color’s okay?” Noah asked. Ben’s eyes roved over the walls they’d painted a few days ago. Noah tipped his beer back. His Adam’s apple rolled beneath the skin of his throat as he drank the chilled beverage. Noah used the cold bottle to wipe off his forehead. 
 “I like it. Why, think the mustard walls’ transitioning into a red kitchen is too much?” Ben asked. His gaze moved from the living room into the kitchen. Ben always wanted red in a common area. His secretary had given him the idea, telling him that red was really “in” now.
“Nah, I like it...I mean, who am I to say. I spent half my life surrounded by gray concrete.” Noah frowned. “I’m heading up to shower. I say by next weekend, if you want to have your lady over, we’ll be good to go,” Noah told him. He grabbed his shirt off the workhorse and left the room, climbing the stairs to his bedroom.
“She’s not my lady,” Ben grumbled, sighing. Ben shook his head and went to go sit in the kitchen. He settled in at the island and drank his beer, taking in the red walls. He liked what they’d done to the place. The walls were accented with dark molding. The ivory granite counters and stainless steel appliances lightened up the room. He heard the shower turn on upstairs.
Would Noah ever let go of his childhood nightmare? A day didn’t pass that Noah didn’t allude to something that related to his life back at the Pine Acres Juvenile Detention Center. Ben would never forget the day he met Noah. To this day he still hoped that after seven years, some of those horrible memories for Noah would diminish.

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