Sunday, September 27, 2015

        ~What is a Home~
A sanctuary 
Eternal comfort  
A protective shelter
A dwelling of multiple personalities
Breathing of love
Sharing and caring  
The scene of great celebrations 
A mirror of joy
A shield 
Concealing the private pains of life
A house of secrets
Silent walls
Shutters whining with despair
Memories collected in the corners
Lovers entwined
Gasping in pleasure
Tempers flaring 
Harsh words hurling 
The air heavy with dampness
The raining of tears
The core
Containing all that transpires
Forever between its people
Doors can be open
Doors can be closed
A structured heart that stands against all
No matter how full 
No matter how empty
Memories echo
A loyal companion 
There really is no place like home.