Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Lady...Her King...Her Destiny

                                 The Lady...Her King...Her Destiny

 She was gentle...she was beautiful.  She was intelligent...she was strong!

He was wild...he was brash. He was intelligent...he was strong!

He snatched her from danger and then saw her eyes. They were deep...and then deeper!

She did not speak and he gently kissed her. "No I am to be married! Do not kiss me again"

"Yes my dear Lady as I will then lose my heart."

They traveled to safety. Her King ever grateful! He spoke to the knight and taught him of love.

"If you are not afraid of anything then you will find no joy....for all that is worthwhile is why you must fight!"

These words took their home in his heart that had opened and he became loved by the King as he prospered.

The Lady watched from afar this sweet yet bold man. Her heart was confused as she now loved two men.

Love is a mystery as it seeks destination. It journeys..it flies..it reaches...it roots! It changes the soul. Its pain is its growth!

And so with the Lady it traveled to her knight! His heart so unshackled they fell to embrace. She cried for confusion yet knew she must go! The King was betrayed broken and angry! To God he said "forgive me" as he doomed both their fates.

When out came a traitor to usurp his Kingdom and he remembered what he taught Lancelot! " One can't truly love without realizing it may be lost! It is then not love."

King Arthur knelt to the traitor to take him off guard. Then stood with his sword and commanded his army to take back what they loved!

Camelot was restored!

Lancelot slayed the traitor.

The  Lady sat by her dying King. She told him she loved him as love is far reaching and he told her he knew as she brought warmth and life to his heart.

While crossing over he looked to Lancelot. "You must protect your Lady as she has a great soul and remember to love so you will always have light. There is no joy without knowledge of possibly losing what you hold so dear! Be steadfast!"

The love of the Lady changed two men's hearts!

As I said "Love is far reaching...it shares and it grows by its pain which brings joy."

Camelot now was not just a place! It was now their home!

Lucille Dorothy for her own 'Sex and my City'

Monday, November 14, 2016



Pain is my breath...my only pillow... she sleeps with me she...cries with me!

She controls my dreams...sings in my voice.

She drives my car and washes my dishes ...she's at home in my shower as she blends with my tears.

She nullifies the heat that comes comes from the pipes ..she dances her dance in feverous rhythm.

She sits in all corners...no blanket can cover...no window can free her.

She has my heart...my soul... She is Me!

Lucille Dorothy 11/8/16

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm so thrilled that Lucille has decided to drop in again! Thank you!

            Shades of Fantasies…

“It’s a quarter after one and I am alone…your picture perfect memory is there in my mind.”
Yes, a subtle word play on Lady Antebellum yet the translation is synonymous.
  "I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all.” Been there…done that. The rawness of heart….when bases are open… to allow newness. Scary shit…let someone in??...
  "I can’t fight it anymore!….Do I cross your mind?...I have lost control.”…Yes, and I am loving it.

 The sheets are cool. The overhead fan blows sensual waves across my skin. I touch myself in shadows of moonlight…and I miss you.

I close my eyes and I am floating…will you catch me if I fall? A tall order in a time of exaggerated independence. It’s later now and sleep is elusive. Your lover…real or imagined is not naked beside.

 Drifting deeper into want…. the visions of soft touching…hard thrusting… can no longer be denied.

Passion is a soul thing…yet passion is a real thing and fatal to be without. It is now 4AM. Time to sleep and dream. My angels come and play with their fairies. They dance a dance of flowers and rain. They know no shame. The rain is soft and kind…the flowers are stroking my body…the moon is full and luscious. Yet, all I can do is think of him.

ldorothy "Sex and her City."
6/16/15Shades of Fantasies…

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The interview

I want to introduce my Facebook friend, Lucille Dorothy.
I met Lucille several years ago on Facebook through a mutual friend.
It's amazing to me how such strong friendships can be formed over the Internet.
We've shared our trials, tribulations, sorrow and happiness.
I'm hoping one day to meet her face-to-face.
It wasn't until later that I discovered she was a talented writer. After much encouragement to share her writing, I'd like to introduce her today as my guest Du Jour on my blog.
Thank you for sharing, Lucille!

'The interview.'

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I have many, many men friends and women friends."

 "My question is are you in a relationship with someone?"

"I am in many relationships at a time with someone."

"Are you with one person?"

"Usually I am, unless my friends decide to go out together"

 "I mean...is there one person you choose to be with?"

"There are many persons I choose to be with."

"Is there one person you choose to wake up with?"


"Is there one person you want to be there to support you?"


"Is there one person that makes you happy?"


 "Is there one person who knows your heart?"

"Only me."

"Is there a person you want to be there when you cry, a person you trust?"

"That is a hard one."


"Sometimes you learn that trust is put in the hands of those that had an agenda...they were only
around when it worked for them."

"So you don't trust anyone?"

"No, I trust those that never left. The ones that would come in the middle of the night. The ones that would not ever refuse a request because they know I would not ask if there was not a good reason."

"Are there many of those in your life?"

"Enough, but I know not to abuse it because as much as they love me, I love them."

"What do you mean 'we'?"

"We tend to take advantage and forget most difficulties we can handle if we reach inside for the strength."

"Where does your strength come from?"

"The knowledge that they are there."

 "Why do you know they would be there?"

"Because they love the same God I do, and he will never forsake me or them."

"I don't understand."

 "It's a heart thing of hope and faith. It's built on trust."

"What is trust?"

"The unanswered gift of grace only given when you believe."

"Believe in what?"

"That is an answer you must find for yourself."

Lucille Dorothy


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Chains

~Snow Chains~ 

Biting gusts that prick and sting
Seeping into my fragile skin
Mother Nature has now receded
Leaving behind a black that whispers
Frigid flakes dance and swirl
My vision is dark
My mountains white
There is no light
The morning after
Healed with heat
Hearing new music
Birds of song
Inhaling deep
The air is new
It cuts right through
What's stale is now fresh
Quickening my step
I have molted from within
Beginning once again