Monday, March 31, 2014

Rounding the Corner

I crept 
Hesitation yanking me back
The collar of despair cinching tighter
A noose of misery
What is feared is unclear, often unseen
The great seducer
Blackening a future
Dictating it with lies
Love lures
Feeding a weariness with renewed faith
The powers of another realm
A familiar voice cures a starved soul
Nourishing it with hope
Edging forward 
Turning a corner
My path illuminated
Bright rays guide me
What was stunted, now grows with fresh vibrance 
What was dark is now flooded with light
A vacant space smiles
Greeting me, engulfing me with promise
Memories of love warm through my cold, abandoned layers
Settling in my core
Taking root
Fear of the unknown slips from my shoulders
Shrugged off like an old coat worn and torn
A voice that couldn't stay still speaks, forever singing in my ears
An immortal symphony 
I travel on, my footpath now clear
Decorated with  glamor
His greatest gift

JC Szot

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