Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blinded and Burned- A Lesson Learned?

Aspirations unlinked cannot unite.
Wanting to persevere, certain that happiness could prevail.
So deserving.
Longing to feed your need within.
Brighter days could carry us, entwining with desire.
pathway unexplored, yet paved with joy and love.
To emerge from a shady, forest.
An open field, a vibrant sun, the vast promise before us.
Friendship, the depth of connection, advancing.
A second set of eyes did not see, sequestered by fear.
Denial can be the enemy of most anything.
Blinded and burned by the rays and warmth of my own sun.
A veil conceals my resolution, an ending unknown.
The fearful pain of change, laced with guilt represses, and confines.
Powerful forces go against an acute energy, a potency that weaved between us.
The root implanted inside of me cannot thrive without you.
Did I abandon reality?
Emotions took flight, reaching great heights, my wants, only my own.
I wander on, berating my reasoning.
The light is now dim, your corner dark.
Thoughts of you enable me to hope…yet once again.

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