Sunday, April 6, 2014

For Andrea

A dreary morning dawns with a message of devastating news
The past rushes in
Spiraling me back 
The hushed secrets and muffled giggles of my adolescence 
To turn in my desk and be met with such beauty
Hair a sheen curtain, mirroring the blackened gleam of midnight
Eyes so rich, so wide
I'd fallen into their beauty
Seeing the world's reflection 
Our lives full, the journey just beginning 
Sadness bridges the distance
Space created by years
Lives that branched apart
Memories diminish the passing of time in seconds
Returning you to me
Your kindness
Your acceptance
Social rank never mattered
I was always acknowledged 
Able to receive your goodness
You eliminated the boundaries 
Bringing us all together
Today, on this rainy morning I remember you, Andrea LaCosta
All that you were
All that you gave
My heart is heavy
My tears are yours

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