Monday, March 10, 2014

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day-

Kelly was just about to light the fire when a blackened mass caught her eyes through the trees. She lowered down to the ground, shoving the lighter back inside her pocket. She crawled on all fours, hiding behind an immense oak tree.
It’s him, the guy with the fancy car! She squinted, straining to see. He had a bag in his hand. Kelly felt her teeth grit. 'Great, guess he feels sorry for me.' She felt her body sag into the knotty bark.
He was good-looking, way too polished for her. Broad shoulders were draped in black. The satiny trim of his tuxedo gleamed in the darkness as he moved. Kelly shrank back as he started to pace up and down the tree line. 'What was his name...Dan?' She was certain he wouldn’t start trampling through the woods in his formal attire. Her breaths rose up into the peaceful night air, her heart pounding wildly as he pawed at the bowtie around his neck.
He ran a hand through his hair as his eyes skirted around his surroundings. Turning on his heel, he began to walk across the parking lot. His dress shoes crunched on the gravel as his figure retreated. Kelly shivered, wishing he’d just leave so she could start her small fire, get warm, and get some sleep.
She watched his form sharpen as he retraced his steps. Relief raced through her when he bent down, setting the bag behind a large stump. He stood and visually scoured the tree line and parking lot once more before admitting defeat and returning to his car.
“Man,” Steve groaned. “This is so damn, good,” he said, rolling his eyes in ecstasy. Drake had left her a bacon cheeseburger, pickles, and fries.  
Steve must’ve smelled it from five miles away, having appeared ten minutes after her visitor had departed. The hamburger was massive. Kelly had forgotten how big a portion was to the paying consumer.
How long has it been since we’ve had a meal like this?” Steve asked, his eyes sleepy, relishing the taste.
“Too long,” Kelly said through a mouthful. She reached for the foiled ketchup packets, tearing them open with her teeth. She drizzled the condiment over the fries before splitting the pile down the middle.
They ate in silence, picking the Styrofoam box clean. When they were done, Steve got the fire going while Kelly went in search of the trashcan. Steve stayed until Kelly got settled in her bedroll. The fire crackled, shooting red-hot embers into the sky like fireworks. Steve knelt down to retrieve his backpack. His blue eyes glowed, the firelight dancing in them, making them electric. A peculiar grin moved across his lips.
“What’s up with you?” Kelly asked, chuckling. The food was settling in her gut, prompting her to sleep.
“You know why that guy came back here?” Steve asked, his tone hushed.
“It’s nothing I need to preoccupy myself with,” Kelly said sarcastically. “Believe meI’m glad he brought the food, but—”
Steve’s voice rose over hers. “He’s looking for his princess,” he said, smiling.
“Ohyeah!” Her laughter rang out around them. “That’s the most intelligent thing you’ve said, Steve. Now good night...see you tomorrow,” Kelly told him, shaking her head and rolling over.
“You’ll see. Give the guy some credit. Just because your clothes are a little dirty doesn’t mean he can’t see the lovely woman beneath,” he whispered.
Good night, Steve,” Kelly groaned. 

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