Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dark Day Bright Night

Snippet of the Day-
“I love it.” Zane laughed. “I’ve been waiting for a little fire from you.” Meg jutted her chin in defiance. “So tell me, is it Ms. Sullivan? That’s what was printed below your picture in the Holistic Hut’s Newsletter you gave me.”
“That’s right, Mr. Miller. It’s Ms. Sullivan to you.” Meg leaned over, digging the heel of her elbow into his thigh, sending a tickling twinge through his body.
“Well, why are you sitting here playing cards with a guy who has cancer on a Saturday night? Where’s your man?”
Her face fell. All the teasing and bantering dissolved. Zane stiffened, his bold comment obviously a mistake. He liked her face better the other way.
“There isn’t one.” Meg took a sip of her drink, eyeing him over the rim of her glass.
“I’m sorry.” Zane elbowed her in the ribs, wanting to return to the land of razz.
“Don’t be.” Her tone was firm. “Now I don’t have to be disappointed all the time. It makes life a whole lot easier.” She waved him off.
“Disappointed?” Zane leaned back on his stool. Things were getting interesting. “Why all the constant letdowns?”
Meg draped her arm over the back of her stool and leaned into him, her face a pretty pink due to either her bashfulness or the liquor. Her warm breath tickled his lips like a breeze meant to tease on a scorching summer day.
“I’m so tired.” Her eyes rolled. “So done with getting all hot for a guy, all attached and everything, and once...” Her words trailed off.  
Her eyes skirted around him, her reserve attempting to win over the uninhibited effects of the liquor. “Once things get, you know, hot and heavy”—she shook her head, her face lined with frustration—“once we go to bed, I’m always left feeling frustrated. It’s not that I’m hard to please or demanding. It’s just that every guy I’ve ever had sucks in the sack. They’re just out of touch, I guess.” Her cute lips twisted into a pout.
Zane choked on his drink. He turned, clearing his throat. He swallowed past the raw heat. It flamed around in his gut, moving throughout his body. The air between them became heavy, thick and sweet-smelling. Was it her?
“I’m sorry. No woman should have to tolerate that.” His voice was level. His seriousness had her erupting. Meg tossed her head back. Her laughter rang through the quiet apartment. Zane welcomed the conversational turnaround. This was much better. His horny body seized control over his mind. All rational thought was gone as he began to spin the web. His heart beat wildly.
“Well,” he said. Zane shuffled the cards again. “I say, this calls for a bet.” The bourbon had him feeling brave. He didn’t have much more to lose these days. Two things could happen. She’d either go for it or storm out, never to be seen again. “Our wager could enable me to save the rest of my fellow mankind from any further embarrassment. If you lose the draw, I get to attempt to satisfy you. It won’t be an easy feat, since I’m on the tail end of so much displeasure, but I’d like to try. Shall we place our bet, Ms. Sullivan?” 
JC Szot- Author

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