Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day-
Braided Desire's Birthday - Tuesday- March 11th

After dinner Josh found Cole in the office. He stood at the threshold of the door, watching Cole riffle through a stack of receipts, his face set, his eyes narrowed.
“I think you should ask our new neighbor to give you a hand before everything we’ve worked for goes to hell.”
Cole spun around, glaring at him over the high back of the leather chair.
“It’s just a suggestion, man.” Josh raised his hands, surrendering.
“Her father just died. What am I going to do? Go walking over there with my half-assed filing system, crying for help?” Cole shoved the pile of papers to the side. He faced Josh, then ran both palms over his freshly shaved head.
“Give her a few days to settle in, then go over and ask her.” Josh shrugged. “It’s not like we won’t pay her. I think she’d be better than that dumb-ass in town who calls himself an accountant.”
“Yeah, he’s screwing us over.” Cole nodded, switching off the small desk lamp. He turned his back on the littered desk and empty ledger. He ushered Josh out of the office, then closed the door. He needed to remove himself from the papered chaos.
“We’ve got to do something. Your parents will start spinning in their graves.”
“I’ll give her a week, and then I’ll go ask her,” Cole told him, his tone admitting defeat.
Josh patted his shoulder. “Go to bed, man. We’ll figure it out. We always do.”
Josh followed Cole down the hall, the floorboards cool under his feet. Cole didn’t meet his eyes before closing his bedroom door.
He knew he and Cole seemed an odd match for a friendship. Josh tried to be more open and willing to let others in. Cole’s exterior was harder, a thickened shell that took time to get past.
Josh knew this was a defense mechanism—an icy layer that Cole assumed would keep people away, though there were a few who were patient enough to persevere and break through. 

JC Szot

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