Monday, March 3, 2014

Snippet of the day- My Memoir Sequel- What Lies Behind goes live on 3/4/14

Snippet of the Day- Leukemia,My Husband and Me:A Turbulent Triangle
Coming March 4th- Sequel
What Lies Behind

When I arrived the next morning, Mike was in the recliner, reading a newspaper, similar to how I had seen him at home.
“They’re going to do a bone marrow biopsy,” Mike said, setting the newspaper down on the bed. “This should tell us what’s wrong, and then hopefully I can get the hell outta here,” he frowned.
I somehow didn’t think it was that simple. I knew what a bone marrow biopsy was, but I don’t think my husband did. They would aspirate fluid out of Mike’s largest bones, the spine and femur, and see why his body was not making enough red and white blood cells.
When the technician arrived and explained how this procedure would be done, Mike broke out in a cold sweat, his face the color of ash. They decided to leave out the rest of the details and gave him a sedative. The tech told us we should have Mike’s results the next day.
While Mike was getting the test done, I wandered around the hospital and sat in the cafeteria. I called my mother and sister, but again Mike asked that I wait until the test results were in before calling anyone else.
It was a long day, accompanied by a clock that mocked me by moving ever so slowly. Following the bone marrow biopsy, we sat in Mike’s room and watched TV, trying to act normal. Once in a while he would share that he felt there couldn’t be anything seriously wrong because he didn’t feel sick. He’d made this declaration several times since he was admitted.

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