Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day
The days were getting longer, the sun still lingering in the sky. She guessed Josh would take her for their ride first before it got dark. Her boots stomped up the front porch. AC/DC’s “Back in Black” was pounding through the dark, glossy door. A wreath of dried berries and pinecones hung on the front door, remnants of a forgotten Christmas decoration. She opened the screen door and tapped the brass knocker.
“Hey, Toni, come on in.” She had expected to see Josh, but Cole held the door for her. She slipped through, feeling the heat of him drift over her. She felt her cheeks warm, avoiding his bare chest, but, sensing his eyes on her, tried to wipe the uncertainty off her face.
“How are you?” She had to tip her head to make eye contact, his frame a head taller than hers. He dragged his hand over his scruffy, shadowed jaw. 
“Not too bad. Are you ready for your tour?” He chuckled, his tone hoarse. “Your guide is waiting for you.” Cole jutted his chin, motioning to Josh, who was walking across the open living room, pulling a sweatshirt over his head, his steps full of purpose.
Her eyes didn’t seem to want to rest on either man, so she took in their living space. The ceiling was high and vaulted. An immense fieldstone fireplace took up the entire back wall, the mantel a sturdy granite gray. On either side, high on the wall, were two eight-pointer deer mounts, their eyes large and glassy. Above the taxidermy was a railing. There was a small loft above. A large, rather contemporary sectional wrapped around the other half of the room. The floorboards were wheat- colored with a glaring sheen. Toni stood on the oval, blue braided rug, waiting.
“You better put this on, Toni.” Josh handed her a black sweatshirt. “It gets a little windy while you’re riding.” Josh gestured her toward the door she had just come through. “Make sure the food is heated by the time we get back,” Josh reminded Cole.
Toni glanced over her shoulder, Cole’s facial expression unreadable.

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