Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day

“Hey, stranger.” Dale smiled faintly, her body and mind a complex mess.
“Well, well, well.” Kate chuckled, hand on hip. “Look who it is.” Kate tossed an empty box behind her. “I was beginning to think one of your patients abducted you.”
Dale slowly nodded her head. “If it were only that simple.” Dale rubbed her forehead, feeling the early pulsations of a headache.
Kate’s lips parted, and her body stilled. “What’s up?” She took Dale’s arm and guided her over to a nearby milk crate. Kate sat down on a box. “Spill. You don’t look so good.”
“Well...you remember that storm we had about a month ago?” 
"Yeah.” Kate waved a hand through the air. “So, what about it?” 
“There was this guy. I found him in the woods, and...” Dale’s words were jumbled. As soon as they spilled from her mouth, even she knew it sounded kooky.
Kate reached for her, jostling her arm. “Wait a minute, slow down. You found a guy.” Her face was lined with confusion. Dale took a breath. “Slow it down, Dale, because you’re losing me here.” Her tone was clipped.
“Okay.” Dale buried her head in her hands for a minute. She looked up at Kate, her words accented with each syllable. “I was riding the morning after the storm and found this guy. He was out cold, in the snow. He was pretty banged up. His car had broken down out on Route 15.”
“Okay, that’s better.” Kate leaned into the conversation. “So what happened? Is he okay?”
“Well...he’s been staying at my place, and he’s still there.” Dale chuckled, avoiding Kate’s pressing stare.
“Oh, really.” Kate grinned. “Tell me all about him.” Her brow arched.
Dale expelled a hissing breath. “He’s been doing some work around the house for me. He’s been a big help, really, but when I went to go look for his car after I took him in, Ray had already towed it.”
“What’s his name?” Kate’s lips curled into a naughty smirk.
“Neil Regal.” Dale checked her expression, waiting.
“Yeah, okay...his name’s Neil...”
“Does that name mean anything to you?” Dale asked, holding her breath. 

JC Szot- Author

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