Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day
“So what’s your mission, Brother?” Joel sat at the island. He bit into his hamburger, eyeing the meat between the bun. Ketchup dripped down his fingers. Joel grabbed a napkin before it reached his plate.
“You want to expand on that question?” Reed asked, sitting on the other stool across the island. Joel’s dark brows rose.
“You making your move or what?” Joel wiped his mouth, his stare pressing.
“Are you asking me if I’m interested in Ivy?” Reed stared him down.
“Out with it!” Joel demanded, his tone sharp.
“I don’t know.” Reed looked away, needing a moment. “There’s something in there. Finding it is one thing, pulling it out is another.”
“That’s an intelligent statement.” Joel’s words dripped with sarcasm.
“Easy, huh?” Reed started to eat. The kitchen grew quiet.
“Sorry, man,” Joel said softly. He tossed his napkin down in his plate.
“I think she’s repressed. Something’s off,” Reed said, sharing his recent observances.
“So, what’re you saying? You think the girl’s a virgin?” Joel asked, his eyes taking on a new shine.
“No, I doubt it.” His reply stalled. Reed leaned on the granite island. “She just seems so nervous all the time. Whenever I think of suggesting something, her face goes red and she starts wringing her hands together. I can’t take it,” Reed sighed. “I feel like I scare the  shit out of her.” The conversation lost steam for a minute. Joel pushed his plate away.
“It’s a shame, really. She seems like a nice girl, but I see what you’re saying. Maybe something happened, a bad experience, a childhood trauma. We know all about those.” Joel rolled his eyes. Reed checked his brother’s expression, noting a bit of empathy below Joel’s sarcasm, which was unusual.
“Listen to you going all philosophical on me.” Reed laughed. 
"Hey, these things have to be handled delicately.”“That’s interesting coming from you,” Reed said, chuckling. 
"Shit,” Joel grumbled. “Am I that bad?” Joel’s face now pinched with frustration.
“Nah, I’m just surprised, that’s all.” Reed got up and cleared the plates. He loaded the dishwasher and started the cycle. When he turned around, Joel was staring into space, deep in thought. Reed walked up to him, shaking his shoulder. Joel faced him.
“Well, most women we come across are all access, right?” Joel asked, his tired eyes probing him for acknowledgment. “Ivy’s different. She requires a different approach, that’s all. Now the question is...who’s the man for the job?” Joel’s eyes flashed, suddenly revived by the debate.
“How many beers have you had tonight?” Reed asked, amused. 
"Only one, Brother, only one.”

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