Friday, October 25, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day
Seth narrowed his eyes, looking into the large windows. What looked to be the family room was packed with people. He took a deep breath, inviting the cold into his warmed insides. He really wasn’t the large crowd type. A tall, muscled guy wearing the classic, sleeveless T-shirt to match his physique opened the door. His dark hair was gelled away from his face, his accent sounding like downtown Brooklyn.
“Hey, how you doin’.” He extended his hand. Seth took part in the exchange.
“Good, Seth Stratera.” Their hands joined together briefly.
“Cody Sorentino.” His mouth tipped into a sly grin. “There’s plenty of beer in the kitchen, help yourself, and enjoy.” Cody slapped his back as Seth entered the house. Seth walked through the large foyer. The white and black tiles gleamed, his boots gliding as if on ice. A massive marbled staircase curled around the entranceway leading up to the second floor.
He maneuvered around packs of huddled bodies. It was hot inside, the air heavy with smoke and sweat. His nose was bombarded with an assortment of feminine fragrances. Fellow partygoers nodded as he navigated his way into a kitchen that was large enough to feed an institution. A line of kegs sat on the opposite wall, near a large, contemporary table. Seth filled a plastic cup and leaned against the wall, taking it all in. The stainless steel Viking appliances gleamed under the fluorescent lighting. A hard nudge on his shoulder had his eyes aligning with Nicole’s. Her dark eyes squinted above her flushed cheeks.
“Glad you could make it.” She smirked, seemingly surprised he’d kept his word. Her stare moved around him as if digging for the latest dirt. Other faces flitted through his peripheral vision as he sipped the cold frothy head on his beer.
“Thanks for including me.” Seth laughed, his demeanor cool. Nicole always seemed to have a plan. What was in store for him tonight, who knew? He wasn’t planning on staying long enough to find out. A neighborhood like this would be summoning the cops by midnight. He’d be long gone, free from any hassle, along with Nicole’s harassment for not acknowledging her invitation. Seth's brief appearance would squelch the potential for any drama. 
“Well.” She lifted a shoulder. Nicole’s bloodred top slipped down the curve of her shoulder. “Have fun, gotta go.” She flitted past him. Seth turned, seeing her muscle-teed boyfriend waving her on from the wide archway of the kitchen.
As Seth’s gaze moved around the room, his eyes stilled on a willowy figure leaning against the counter near the immense refrigerator. There she was. Mattie Richards. The person she was chatting with was suddenly called away by what looked to be her significant other. He drank his beer as his eyes took an excursion. Though it’d been a few years, those years had been more than kind.
She brushed the bangs out of her eyes, her hair the color of graham crackers. The artfully cut layers framed her face perfectly, her cheekbones sharply defined. Her amber-colored eyes were beautiful, so unique, but her lids were heavy, carrying a weight that had him aching, sensing that there was pain there. Her cheeks burned with a pinkish hue that bled into the exposed skin of her chest. The wide, scooped neckline of the shell-pink sweater she wore taunted him. The slight slope of her breasts could be seen, leaving the rest to his imagination, which was already running wild. Her gaze skirted around the crowded kitchen. She looked lost. Seth set his cup down on the table and weaved his way through the crowd.

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