Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snippet of the Day

Snippet of the Day
 As they went to enter into his room, Ella noticed a small alcove at the end of the hall with a hexagon- shaped window above. A spindled chair sat below. Jayden noticed her attention had been diverted. He tilted his head.
“It’s perfect, the way the moonlight is streaming through the panes. I just have to change my film speed. Take a seat.” Ella rummaged through her camera bag. The film loaded, she turned to find Jayden already in the chair, his palms resting on his thighs.
Various images flirted with her mind’s imaginative eye. Ella leaned against the wall. Ribbons of heat wrapped around her, her skin now warm. Jayden was relaxed, waiting patiently. A sly smile curved his lips. He was so at ease, but Ella was struggling. She wanted some skin, his skin. She didn’t ever shoot pornographic material. Tonight she was hungering for some classy, sensual shots, and he was the perfect model. Jayden cleared his throat.
“Ella, just tell me what you want,” he told her, his eyes flicking to hers. “I’m all yours.”
She blurted out her request. “Could you please take off your shirt?” She bit down on her lower lip, silencing herself, afraid of giving a voice to any additional, dangerous notions.
“Sure.” Jayden grinned. He leaned forward and peeled his T-shirt over his head and handed it to her. Ella’s mouth parted, her eyes greeted with a plethora of dazzling ink. Four large paw prints were on the back of his shoulder, as if he were being trampled over. On the left side of his chest, Jayden had a set of the comedy and tragedy masks. Half of each mask was inked in black, the other half shaded with yellows, reds, and a copper color. The ink shifted over his lined muscles when he moved.
Jayden’s voice echoed through the desolate hall. “Ella?” His eyes looked up, his brows pulling together.
“Yes, that’s…that’s perfect.” She had forgotten to breathe. She licked the briny salt from her upper lip and started shooting. Jayden hooked his thumbs into his belt loops and smiled at the camera, but then looked away. He tipped his head, glancing at the window. Ella gnawed at the inside of her cheek. He was absolutely stunning.
Milky moonlight washed over his angled face. Jayden parted his lips, his jaw slack. Ella was on fire, her libido not to be trusted. Jayden tilted his hips and reclined further in the chair. Ella walked around, snapping a frontal shot. A thin trail of lighter hair divided his concave abs in half, vanishing beneath the waistband of his jeans.
Jayden leaned forward, his spine curling. He had amazing bone structure. Ella adjusted her lens, wanting to see every joined vertebrae of his spine. Jayden rested an elbow on his knee, cupping his chin in his palm. His eyes lifted to hers, his smile bright. His eyes dazzled in the dim light. A cloud moved, altering the moon’s glow. Thin shadows lined his body. Jayden moved again, sitting back. He draped his arms over the back of the chair, his chest expanding. His nipples were puckered like dark seeds. Ella felt dizzy, visually impaired by his beautiful masculinity. She lowered the camera and leaned into the wall, collecting herself. She wiped the sweat off the back of her neck. The air was heady with the scents of him. He smelled of salt, sun, and water. Ella slid down the wall, squatting. Jayden leaned into her, their mouths close. His breath coated her lips.
“Anything else?” he asked, his voice strained.

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