Friday, May 2, 2014

The Survivor

A battle field of adversaries
Prepared to corrode from within
Siphoning joy
Stealing life
The shield is raised
Ready to conquer 
Repelling all that is evil
You stood your ground 
Attacking the enemy
Waging the war
Staying your course
Life is a journey
Yours wasn't complete
A trail determined to be blazed
Love unites, surrounding you
Building the wall
A ring of Devine protection
Compassionate professionals administer
The receiver fights
Mind over matter
God over us
Granting the greatest gift
Insisting the baton is yours to carry
Striving for the finish 
Your greatest accomplishment 
An achievement of few
The dawn of this day brings elation
Blessings that you are here
Enriching our lives
So many are thankful
Thankful for you 
Live, breath, love and embrace
For this day is yours 
With many more to follow
A celebration above all
As glorious as a bright sun
Let it shine on your face
Radiating all around you
Our world in full bloom
With the vibrance of you

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