Thursday, May 29, 2014

'Reality' by Molly Cerrigone


Nothing is what you want it to be,
Yet you can’t help that it will be,
Life isn’t what you’d thought it be,
And yet you still believe,
Frost cracks your hopes and dreams and before you know it,
Everything you dream about, falls to seams,
There’s still a light that reigns inside,
And only then do you try to hide,
That what they say is untrue,
What they say can’t be,
That your dreams can still come true,
In the darkness, light shines,
Only then do you see,
Reality is what you make it to be,
It becomes your soul,
It becomes your fight,
The only way to keep your light shining bright,
Believe what you want, and make belief beam,
And soon you’ll see,
Reality, is what you make it to be

Molly Cerrigone

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