Thursday, April 24, 2014

Darkness and despair has led me to the light

A dark sky has parted
Streams of light filter in
Warming my face with hope
Heat is life
Fueling the blood in my veins
Rushing to my heart
Swelling it with joy
An acute allure exploding
A fire ignited
Passion consuming 
Burning in my bones
Am I too deep
I am without a mask 
You're slowly peeling away the layers
Seeing all that is real
I've seen destruction 
I've seen death
Life now rushes back
I am me
The only one
Up close and from afar
Others turn away
The decision theirs
The courageous has come 
Empty space filled
Occupied by a unique presence
Your nature soft with empathy
Your warm, sensitive ways nourish 
Feeding me
Seeping deeper
Wanting you to take root and stay

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