Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snippet of the Day returns for 2014!

Snippet of the Day- Returns for 2014
The first few weeks with Levi and Alec were a relief. Respite came in the form of routine and a relaxed environment where three people moved through life and were congenial and respectful toward one another, something Fern wasn’t used to, but was eating up as if she thought it would melt and disappear like a delicious ice cream.
Levi worked as a headhunter and was usually cooped up in his office, answering phone calls and consulting his clients on what jobs were available and would align with their skills and credentials. Fern had run a few errands for him, delivering resumes to his clients. Driving Levi’s Audi was a rare treat she’d surely never tire of.
Alec’s schedule often flipped-flopped between the lunch and dinner hours.
As for their relationship, it wasn’t something they paraded in front of Fern. Aside from hearing them engage in what Fern knew was some type of physical contact, all she’d witnessed outside the bedroom was their close contact in the kitchen one particular morning.
She’d come in for coffee and seen their faces very close together, their eyes gleaming into one another. They’d stepped apart slightly, but not anything jarring or dramatic to insinuate that she’d caught them doing anything wrong.
It was laundry day that had Fern’s thoughts wandering, determined to diagnose them both.
“Can you fit these in?” Alec asked, handing her his black vest and trousers that he wore to work.
“Sure,” Fern told him, taking the rumpled pile of clothing. She turned and lifted the lid of the machine, dropping his uniform into the wash cycle. She turned and met the gaze that she felt burning through her back.
The basement was dark and slightly dank-smelling. Aside from a beat-up old sofa and a set of weights, it was unfinished and mainly used to do the laundry and to store extra food in a freezer that sat in the corner. Alec’s light voice drifted through the air, as calm and controlled as an instructional hypnosis recording.
“How’s everything going so far?” Alex jammed his hands into the pockets of his weathered jeans. His lime-green Converse high- tops glowed in the murky light. 
“Fine, um. Are things okay? Am I doing all that should be done?” Fern asked, stepping back. Her skin felt singed with a heat that she hadn’t felt since a grammar school crush.
“We’re very pleased. Oh, I found these on the stairs. You must’ve dropped them on your way down,” Alec said. He pulled out a ball of purple, silky fabric.
“Oh God,” Fern mumbled. She shook her head, avoiding the amusement that sparked in his eyes. She bit down hard on the inside of her cheek.
“No problem,” Alec said, his tone hushed. He shrugged. “We don’t wilt around here at the sight of a woman’s undies.”
Fern spun around, lifting the lid of the washer, wanting to dive in and join the clothes that were sloshing and foamed with suds. Levi had told her that she could wash her “girls” with their clothing, wanting to conserve on hot water. Alec’s voice forced her to reluctantly meet his steady gaze.
“You busy tonight?” he asked. Alec tipped his head, his gaze steady. Strands of hair fell over his brow like tasseled fringe.
“Ah, no...” Fern’s mind whirled, never expecting what came next.
“Levi and I would like to take you out tonight for some dancing, you know, to celebrate having you here, a sort of welcome to the family, as Levi put it."  Before she could answer he spoke again, his words running together. “You up for it?” Alec asked, grinning. He jerked his head, attempting to move the hair out of his eyes.

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