Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Guest of the Day

 Please welcome my niece, Molly Cerrigone.  She is my guest of the day .

'You Matter'

Someone says 'you can't do it'

Someone says 'you're not capable'

but you know its nothing but a lie

You can do it 

You can make it come true 

Don't believe anything else otherwise 

It's there in you 

Waiting to be set free

Everything they aren't able to see

It's there for you and you alone 

So let yourself be known 

You are wanted 

You are needed 

Needed to shine 

Needed to help the world grow

Needed to show you are here

You are there 

To be a new change 

To be you

Now shout who you are and say

'I Matter'

I am here 

Here to be everywhere

Not gonna break

But gonna stand proud and high

Saying 'I Matter' to the stars and sky

'Let Your Voice Be Heard'

Someone keeps you from speaking

But you refuse to be shut down

It's not right 

Its not fair

To let others speak but not you

Don't let yourself be quiet

Don't let yourself be silent

Free your voice 

Free your might

Free what you have holding deep inside 

It's always there 

Waiting to be let out

Never lose that chance to shout it out

It's your right to speak

It's your right to be shown

Your opinion matters

Your heart rings true

So let it go 

Set it free

Let your voice ring free

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Keep Climbing

Keep Climbing

You hit the bump in the road,
And it feels like there’s no way to go,
You struggle to make a move,
You struggle to make haste,
Only to realize it doesn’t matter how fast the pace,
You can walk,
You can run,
All you gotta do is climb,
Climb till you touch the sky,
Climb till you feel you can fly,
It’s possible to go,
It’s possible to move,
Continue till you find your groove,
It’s always there,
It’s always by your side,
No matter how much time passes by,
Get moving,
Get going,
Get climbing,
And there you’ll meet your mountain top,
With nowhere to go but up

By Molly Cerrigone 



Hard to do, 
But not impossible,
All you gotta say is ‘I’m, possible,
The breaks are there,
But can be repaired,
Even after plunging into despair,
You can do it,
Your dreams are still there,
No matter how high you need to go,
Or the bumps you expect to take,’
You can do it all,
Just remember, 
It’s always possible,
Possible to be,
Possible to say,
Possible to do 
Possible to just be you

 By Molly Cerrigone 

Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar

Blood pounding in my head,
Feeling ready to head around the next bend,
Ready to let myself be known,
Ready to let myself be heard,
Time to scream and shout,
I’m not out for the count,
I’m here to stand, 
I’m here to shout,
That I’m not going down,
My voice is not an act,
And I’m gonna show you that,
I’m not helpless,
I’m not dumb,
I’m here to show I’ve won,
I am capable,
I am in control,
Now listen up and hear me roar.

By Molly Cerrigone 

My Guest of the Day!

 Please welcome my guest of the day, my Niece,  Molly Cerrigone.

Curse The Darkness, Free The Light

A tiny spark ignites,

Allowing the room to be bright,

Dark tries to creep in,

Only to slink away at the newfound light,

It brings back sight,

It brings back hope.

That wonder is there,

That wonder is near,

It lives,

It thrives,

Deep inside,

Letting you become alive,

Brightness is still there,

Darkness goes,

Fleeing away,

Into a shade,

Lurking around,

Waiting to come out,

Only if you alow it,

Your world can be bright,

Everything will be alright,

Be aware,

Don’t give into despair,

Hope it there,

Hope is near,

To be there for you in time of need,

Until you are ready to succeed,

Free the light,

End the darkness,

And soon you’ll be free,

Free to live,

Free to be alive,

Free to be who you are inside.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My next guest

I’m excited to announce the return of my dear friend, Lucille Dorothy. I will soon be posting her next piece.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Today is National Widow's Day.

 Today is National Widow's Day.
I would like to welcome my guest, Denise Muir to my blog. She has so graciously given me permission to share her segment on widowhood this morning. This is an excellent write up, and I am proud to have her today as my guest.
Thank you, Denise

Grieving is hard, and continual, it doesn't ever really stop or go away.  You don't just "Get over it." You don't stop loving your spouse, just because you have decided you can't live life in a hole.
Loving again gives you some happiness. It doesn't take away the loss of what should have been, or the pain of what they are missing, the pain of what you know your children are missing.
For some reason people believe you can love more than one of your kids at a time, but that if you meet someone else you must have stopped loving your spouse.
Honestly, if it worked that way it would make life so much easier. How do you fall out of love with the person who was your other half, your partner in crime, the person who shared their life, shared their kids, and had children with you? You just don't.  It doesn't mean you love less the next time around, only differently.
Widows, we've learned a lot. We expect a lot. We've had parts of our lives that were perfect, we want that.  We've had parts that weren't perfect. We want that to be different this time around.
We've learned to live alone and take care of ourselves, therefore we don't need someone to take care of us. That doesn't mean we don't want someone to take care of and share our lives with. It is a choice, a hard one,  and it takes two very strong people to make it work.
There is always judgment. We did things too fast. We did things too slow. We did something stupid, something you wouldn't have done if you were us.  The thing is, we just want to make it through, to learn how to make it without them.  To learn how to be happy,  without being torn apart and judged for our choices. Our biggest, most important choice was taken away from us. Being a widow is not the choice we would have made. Being happy is a choice WE can make.
Please think of that when you decide we're not being a widow the way YOU would do it.
Be thankful that you don't know for sure.
Kiss you spouse. Pick up their socks. Wipe up the tooth paste. Be thankful you don't have to know how you would be a widow.

Denise Muir